Highest quality ingredients including food grade or organic oils and additives.

All my soaps are 100% handmade artisan soaps in biodegradable packaging.
I only use sustainably sourced palm oil products.

All Natural Soaps

As you can see I make soaps in many delightful colors. Due to COVID-19 I am not able to be the markets. You can visit me on Facebook or Instagram for more pictures and information, or click here to see how to order from me! 

Bite Me - $7

Vampire fun for Halloween, sure to get some laughs in the bathroom! This soap is fragranced with a lovely scent called autumn fig harvest. This is a man-made fragrance oil.

Orange Clove - $7

This is my mothers favorite essential oil blend for the holiday season!
WARNING: clove essential oil should not be used by people taking blood thinning medication.

Spicy Orange - $7

This autumn inspired bar has an essential oil blend of orange and patchouli.

Sunlit Ocean - $7

A beautiful thin line swirl fragranced with a blend of citrus essential oil’s makes this bar a beautiful choice as a gift for yourself or for somebody else.

Eucalyptus Swirl - $7

Each bar of this batch is so unique you need to tell me what number you would like to have when you order! A lovely fragrance of eucalyptus and lavender essential oils.

Castile - $7

The soap is made from 100% organic olive oil… That’s it! Extremely simple and very gentle. Dye and fragrance free.

Coconut Cream - OUT OF STOCK

Back by request… This soap is so creamy and kind to your skin. It contains real organic coconut cream. No dyes or fragrance.

White Marble - $7

Soap Challenge Club submission for the July challenge. Made to look exactly like white marble with a calming fragrance of rosemary, peppermint and lavender essential oils. This is a vegan and palm free soap.

Turquoise Stone - $7

Soap Challenge Club non competitive entry. Made to look like real turquoise, this soap has lots of sparkle and a little bit of grit with coffee grinds. Fragranced with a blend of patchouli and orange essential oils. Vegan and palm free soap.

Seahawk - $7

Soap Challenge Club entry for the June challenge. This technique is called one pot wonder and I think the result is wonderful! This soap is fragranced with Teatree and peppermint essential oils. Vegan and palm free soap.

Pastel Beauty - $7

Another one pot wonder, extremely different than Seahawk. The way the design came out it reminds me of blooming trees in the spring time. Fragranced with pink grapefruit and lime essential oils.  Vegan and palm free soap.

Goats Milk and Honey - $5

This soap is made with organic goats milk and delicious honey! No artificial coloring or fragrance makes this soap a good choice for gentle cleansing.

Clarity - $7

Patchouli, lavender, and bergamot essential oils; Clarity is the ultimate unisex fragrance and design. This chunky bar is super fatted at 5% and is a crowd favorite.

Groovy - $7

Ylang ylang, lavender and rosemary essential oils lend this bar a beautiful floral woodsy fragrance. This soap was inspired by this amazing flower I saw and couldn’t resist taking a photo of in Berkley Springs, West Virginia. Nature can be so bold!

Eucalyptus & Lavender - $7

Eucalyptus and Lavender  essential oils are fresh and inviting. Have you ever had a bar of soap with yogurt in it? The yogurt makes the lather so thick and creamy plus the lactic acidosis is great for your skin.

Avocado Shea Butter - $7

Avocado Shea Butter soap is perfect for any part of your body from your face to your hands to your tippy toes. Because it is fragrance oil and dye free it is perfect for those of us who have more sensitive skin.

This fantastic bar also has a 10% super fat of unrefined African white shea butter which makes it a luxurious choice. Don’t deny yourself the experience of using an all natural handcrafted soap, your skin will thank you!

Gardening Soap - $7

Orange x 10 essential oil makes this bar smell like the best orange you’ve ever had! The combination of the essential oil and the exfoliating power of the added coffe grounds and orange peel will help get the dirt of our amazing earth off your hands without hurting our environment! A 5% super fat helps this soap be aggressive and kind at the same time!

Citrus Ocean - $7

This zesty soap is fresh and fun. Teal waves of lemongrass and Valencia orange with a touch of lavender will transport you into summer delights! All natural, great for the shower, or enjoy it as a hand soap. You can decorate with it but then you’ll miss out on its creamy lather!

Almond Cocoa Butter - $7

This soap may look simple but it really packs a punch of cocoa butter splendor! It smells like dark chocolate but it won’t add to your waistline since you can’t eat it! With a 10% cocoa butter super fat this lovely bar will have a silky lather good for a conditioning cleanse or a perfect shaving soap. Fragrance oil and dye free.

Rustic Lavender - $7

Lavender essential oil.
This soap is French milled and includes additional ingredients of shea butter and coconut milk. The milling makes this bar textured and lather luxuriously. The added ingredients make this bar’s super fat over 5%.

Patchouli Swirl - $7

Patchouli and lemongrass essential oils give this soap a fresh musk fragrance. I originally created this soap for my son who gave it the thumbs up for design.

Charcoal and Clay - $7

Tea tree and peppermint essential oils. Enjoy the unique visual texture of this bar. Made with combination skin in mind.

Pink Lemonade - $7

A combination of lime and Linsea essential oils makes this soap smell just like a glass of pink lemonade! Bright and fun with a 5% super fat will make this soap great for your shower or just for your hands or just for eye candy!

Lemon Poppy Seed - $5

Lemongrass essential oil soap made to look like a lemon meringue pie! You can’t eat it but you can indulge in its creamy lather with Brazilian clay and poppy seeds for a little bit of exfoliation.

Lavender Swirl - $7

Currently OUT OF STOCK, Check out Rustic Lavender! Lavender essential oil makes this a classic soap. The beautiful swirls will impress your guests or keep it just yourself! A 5% super fat makes the lather soft and frosty, a crowd favorite!

Honey Laundry Soap

If you want to use natural and biodegradable products in your home our Honey Laundry Soap meets all these specifications. The aim for this type of soap is to keep it low in lather, high in slip, and soften the water to make the soap perform at its best.

Light Show

My candles can sure light up an area! And see the variety of repurposed glass containers I use. These are sure to delight you or make a wonderful gift.

One Little Candle

“If everyone lit just one little candle …”. Even a single candle shows off the repurposed cut glass containers I find.


Candle Presentation

My candles are fragranced with seasonal fragrance oils and I love to decorate them with a variety of pretty seasonal ribbons.

Up Cycled Candles

I’ve created a line of 100% soy, wood wicked, upcycled candles using glassware I find at local thrift shops and donation centers. 

How To Order

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic all of my events in April have been cancelled so far. I am still making soap though so I would be glad to ship something directly to you. Here is what to do!

  • Check out the pictures, descriptions and prices above or go to my Facebook page and check out the most recent soap photos.
  • Send me an email or a Facebook message and tell me what you would like.
  • I will send you a cost with shipping and get it shipped out directly to your door or wherever you would like it to go.

About Knueven Soap

Knueven Soap developed out of a keen interest in functional art and a desire to accommodate my sensitive skin and legal blindness.  I’ve always been passionate about creating art and as I’ve lost more and more acuity it has been increasingly challenging to express myself and reflect the beauty my limited vision continues to admire.

I found myself seeking a new art form to spark my creativity and challenge my intellect.  I stumbled on a Soap Queen video on YouTube- I was hooked!  As I researched the steps for soap making I realized each step was amenable to adaptation to accommodate my vision loss.  The added bonus of part of the creation of soap has to do with the feel of the soap batter and the nuances of fragrance with respect to design.  I am fascinated with the end soap product and its texture in my hands and with the unique structure of the lather which each oil formulation creates.

There is an element of danger in making lye based soaps.  Although the end product is a delight to skin, the manufacturing process is a chemical reaction between a base pH substance called lye and an acid pH substance which is oils.  There are many things as a blind person living in a sighted world that are intimidating and scary but I’ve had to learn to do those things anyway.  So, I couldn’t let fear stand in my way.  Great rewards come with standing up to fear and finding your way to success!

Soap making is the way I can continue to show my creativity, challenge my understanding and knowledge of science, and produce products that are kind to skin and our environment.

Be Passionate  |  Be Brave  |  Be Sensitive

OOO LA LA Honey Laundry Soap!

Who wants honey in their laundry soap?? You do! Many of us these days have high efficiency laundry machines which is great for the environment but requires a special type of soap which can rinse out effectively with less water. If you want to use natural and biodegradable products in your home our Honey Laundry Soap meets all these specifications. The aim for this type of soap is to keep it low in lather, high in slip, and soften the water to make the soap perform at its best. Our special blend of coconut and soy oils with a hint of honey hits the nail on the head! Coconut oil soap is known for its amazing ability to cleanse however it makes too many bubbles to go it alone in a high efficiency washer so we tame the lather with soy bean oil which is less bubbly but just as effective at removing dirt and oils. Honey adds slip to soap without adding lather, making it hard for the dirt to stick but making it easy to rinse away. With the addition of Sodium tetra borate and sodium carbonate, both of which are found in nature, our Honey Laundry Soap can work effectively even if you have hard water.

How can it work without bubbles? Soap is a very special molecule! One side of the molecule attaches to oils and the other side attaches to water. These molecules stick to the dirty oils on our clothing then wash away with the rinse cycle. There is no need for bubbles for soap molecules to bind with dirty oils. The best thing about this amazing soap molecule is it doesn’t matter what type of material your clothing is made of, it works the same for all types of fibers. Go Soap!!

Special Considerations When Using Honey Laundry Soap:

This is a very traditional activity known to many folks who were doing laundry before the advent of chemically laden detergents. Many types of clothing loose dye during cleansing no matter if it is detergent or soap doing the cleansing. However, there are no chemicals in Honey Laundry Soap to keep the dyes from bleeding and discoloring your other garments during the wash cycle. While you are sorting your garments you can think of how happy the fish and other water dependent life will be when your laundry water goes into our water system and biodegrades. Go Soap!!